5 Tips for Successful Staging

January 17, 2016

Hello there fellow investors!

As a newer real estate investor I’m constantly reading articles and listening to podcasts looking for ideas to improve my bottom line. I’ve recently finished my 5th single family rehab, 3 of these houses were flips. In order to maximize all the time, effort and money put into the rehab, l stage each property for sale. There are numerous articles out there that extol the benefits to your bottom line of staging. I can tell you that for the 3 flips I’ve done to date I had strong offers within a week on each of them. I’ve compiled 5 of my favorite ideas for staging a property for sale below.

1.     1.  Rent it! Why buy furniture that you have to store when you can rent it? Most rental companies include delivery and pick-up at no charge which is a huge time and back saver. Renting a living room set with end tables is a great way to may a house feel like a home. Add rented  or purchased lamps and some throw pillows to complete the look

      2.  Invest in an air mattress. Any easy way to add a bed to the master is with an air mattress. So much easier to transport and set-up than a traditional mattress and box spring. Add a bed frame and inexpensive risers and your bed will look high end once you add a comforter (no sheets required!).

3.   3.   Pillows, pillows and more pillows. Throw pillows with a pop of color will really make your bedroom and living sets look complete. You can purchase inexpensive throw pillows at many stores. An easy way to update or change the look of your pillows is with pillow shams or covers. Euro-pillows work great on a bed to simulate a headboard without having to move a headboard in and out of your staged property.

4.   4.  Add dollars with scents! Plug in air fresheners with the same scent throughout the house will make your property smell and feel like home. Some great scents to try are apple, cinnamon or vanilla. It’s easy to overdo it with air fresheners so just a few in strategic places like by the front door and in the living room will set your property apart.

5.   5.  Fresh is best! Add some color and freshness to your kitchen with green apples or lemons. Put them in clear glass containers or really any container on the counter to catch prospective buyers’ attention.


I would love to hear your best tips and tricks on staging! I can be reached at Annitta@myrealtyadvisors.com. As a licensed realtor I’m available to help with any of your real estate needs.